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STIC - Stockton Trails Initiative Coalition
Stockton Lake Corps Trails
Cedar Gap Trail (trailhead marker) - 2.2 MIle Trail
Trail begins just west of the Corps of Engineers Office on Lake Stockton dam and meanders through woods. Natural, wood much and pavement surfaces.

Crabtree Cove Trail (trailhead marker) - 1.6 Mile Trail (one way) with two additional loops.  Quarry Loop, a 0.9 mile loop and Overlook Loop,  a 0.7 mile loop.  Easy terrain with parking at both ends of trail. Good for hiking and trail biking.
Limestone aggregate surface.  Wheelchair accessible.

Rudledge Bluff Overlook Trail (multi-use Equestrian/ Hiking/ Mtn. Biking) Apprx 17 Mile Trail. Meanders between Orleans Trail Campgrounds(northern trailhead) and Hawker Point (southern trailhead). This trail is great for hiking or biking (no motorized vehicles allowed) and horseback riding.  Equestrian camping at both trail heads. There are several entry and exit points - look for trailhead markers.

NaturecationTrail - A .25 mile trail with interpretive tree and plant markers and an outdoor nature classroom - The Hendrickson Outdoor Nature Center. Trail partner includes Stockton School District. 

Stockton State Park Trails
Nyblad Trail (trailhead marker) - 0.50 Mile Trail; About 25 minutes one way.
Red blazes.  Gentle terrain that is easy to hike. The trail runs between East and West campgrounds and does not make a complete loop. 

Umber Ridge Trail (trailhead marker) - 1.75 Mile Loop; 
About 90 minute loop.   Yellow Blazes. Natural surface and gentle terrain. Good for hiking or trail biking.

Stockton State Park Water Trail - NEW 6.65 m one way. Trailheads Stockton State Park and Hartley Cove. This trail follows the shorelines of Stockton State Park. Great kayak or canoe trail.

Missouri Department of Conservation Trails
Hulston Mill/Timber Equestrian/Hiking Trail - Apprx. 18 mile Trail
Can loop or go out and back. This trail in on Missouri Department of Conservation Land and all rules and regulations apply. 

Corry Branch Glade - 1.1 Mile Loop
"Weedwhack" natural trail with small stream to cross at times.
Easy hiking in open grasslands, glades and open fields.

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